Friday, January 30, 2009

lost: s05 e03 - jughead

So everyone's still bouncing around time, but not so much as before. Locke finds the rest of them, then goes to finish his convo with Richard. Sawyer has no idea what's going on. Juliet doesn't have much to do but be calm and reasonable. Daniel knows way more than he's letting on, and is possibly jumping around more than other people, or at least did so in the past. Also, Daniel is in love with Charlotte, and she's got the brain-asplody. Richard, looking the same again, is in charge of the british soldiers, who turn out to be the proto-Others, based on the secret code called Speaking Latin, which anyone with a degree in medicine, science or philosophy can break. They've landed in the 50s, two years before Locke is born, and he's insisting to the Richard who hasn't met him yet that he's the new leader of the Others, even though these are the old Others, who seem to be rather trigger-happy over something involving someone having come to their Island to do experiments and attacking them... even though this is, like, 20 years before Dharma is supposed to have existed. Meanwhile, Daniel is taken to defuse a bomb which looks like it's been caught-- it's haging from a scaffold only a few feet above the ground, but it's got a cracked casing, and he's trying to convince them to let him burry it because it's too dangerous to try to open it up with the seal busted. It'll be okay, because 50 years from now, it's okay. See?

Meanwhile, Miles is getting no love except from some dead ghosties, and is otherwise pretty much ignored, which he points out. And Charlotte keeps getting dizzier and sicker, and Daniel "won't let anything happen to" her, which is a sure sign of impending doom whenever it's said. She goes all bleeding and twitchy at the end.

And Desmond is trying to find Daniel's mother, and instead finds a girl who went loony and was trapped jumping back and forth through her own timeline-- Desmond knows what it is, but the people who care for her apparently think that Daniel just made her crazy somehow, and then ran away and left her. And all the funding came from Charles Widmore. So he confronts Widmore and gets the addy for Daniel's mom, and Penny wants to leave it at that, but knows that Desmond won't give it up if he can help his friends, so off they go to LA to find the lady.

Oh, and one of the soldiers is a very young Widmore, and he was a jerk then, too.

So, more crazy, more superdense plotting. It's everything we love about Lost. I especially liked that we got to spend so much time with the Freighter People, who have been pretty marginalized since the cast split up. And I liked when Daniel tried to get tough in his twitchy, slightly crazy way.

We're back to the main crew next week. I'm really not handling this waiting-between-episodes all that well...

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