Sunday, February 1, 2009

fringe: s01e12 - the no-brainer

What an unfortunate name for a show about people's brains leaking out their ears. Which is this week's grossness: melty brain goo.

Turns out it's a computer virus that everloads your brain to the point of blenderizing it. We'll just ignore the fact that it's targeted, and it can be traced before it's actually active on a computer that isn't turned on yet. One guy is sending this massive multi-media brain-melting file to the family members of people who screw him over, including... Olivia's neice? I'm not sure how he knew she was tracking him before he saw her on the webcam after she stormed in and saved Ella. Also, the sister always seems to be making pasta. Like, every episode.

Once again, though, it's the side stories that make more sense and are more interesting: Peter's being overprotective of Walter, and is keeping the mother of the woman he was accused of killing from meeting with him because he thinks it'll push him back over the edge. Adding to that is the fact that there seems to be one of those annoying offshoot-romances forming between Peter and Olivia's sister (whose name I don't remember, and who is more approachable than Liv, but also more boring and insipid)(not to mention the fact that main characters always fall for the siblings of the people American TV won't let them be with. my only hope is that there will be a sister showdown that makes her back off and makes Olivia fess up. jj keeps promising the show won't go for the typical storylines, but that's kinda heading in that direction.). 

So Walter meets the momlady of his supposed victim, and she turns out to be nice. She just wants to talk to the last person to see her daughter alive. They start to share, and Walter hugs her, and won't that be a weirdness? I'd love to see crazy old Walter trying to be in a relationship-- especially if he's doing better at it than Peter is. 

I didn't see the Observer, but the brainslody virus looked alot like the ARG videos that were getting leaked to the interwebs before the show launched, and I'm sure there's all sorts of interesting things in there-- I'm just not one of those people who will spend hours going through it frame by frame.

Other bits of note:
Internal Affairs is still dogging Liv, and because of that, she's paying less attention to protocol than ever before, and he's trying to make it personal. Broyles sees what he's doing, however, and stands up to him on her behalf, which makes me happy. It's nice to know that he's on her side, even if he is witholding information from her.

Drunk!Peter thinks it's a good idea to show up all sweet and muzzy at Olivia's door, and after the confession of caring last week, this makes me happy.

They didn't really properly tie in the car salesman in the plot.

Astrid is cooler every time we see her, as if the fact that she gets so little screen time means they have to cut to the chase for the coolness.

A solid ep, and I think it was due to the lense flares. Whenever there's artistic shooting, the show is better.

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