Sunday, January 25, 2009

find: real-life scifi

Classic Lunar Exploration Art from here, over at io9.

I love these old pictures. It made everything seem so reasonable and innevitable, which was very exciting. It's still exciting-- and I'm hoping the world can get back there, what with our lovely new Pres being so hope-inducing and all. He's got other things to worry about now, but I still maintain that being able to live off-planet indefinitely is a sort of safety valve: it can ease overpopulation, give us options in the event of asteroids or other such catastrophies, and the space program has always spun off interesting and useful new tech that can't help but make things better.

This pretty and futuristic little dohicky takes the steam that comes off boiling water and makes it into water again, directly to the roots of little growing greens like grass and herbs, and serves as a centerpiece the rest of the time. Not necessary, but nifty.

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