Wednesday, January 28, 2009

movie: repo - the genetic opera

Oh my god, the badness. It makes no sense. They sing for no reason-- even given that they're in a musical, there's huge swaths-- like the whole first twenty minutes-- where they don't need to be singing what they say. They repo organs, okay, sure, but there's only one guy in charge of all the reposessions, he's got a sick daughter, and he tears things out and throws them around. It has Anthony Stewart Head wasting himself in something that was probably abour half-baked as far as his plot went. It had Joan Jett for absolutely no reason. It has Paris Hilton in probably the best movie she's ever done.

It's utter crap.

But it's also really pretty, and I want Sarah Brightman's holographic eyes and all the eyeliner in the world. And I'll probably go around the whole rest of my life saying 'reeeeeeeppppoooooooooommmmaaaaaaaannnnnnnn' and 'epilogue!' for no other reason than because it's catchy and rediculous. 

Fun, but i think it rotted my brain.

EDIT: Also, there's Paris Hilton's face falling off in totally the least useful way, visually. And there's various incesty-flavored interactions. It would have been better with choreographed dance numbers. And the potential romance bits totally didn't happen, replaced by the afore-mentioned incesty bits.

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