Sunday, January 25, 2009

news: catching up on geeks of doom

Vital Video for the new Watchmen movie! 
Down at the bottom of the list of all the promos, there's the youtube video of the 70s new report that talks about the tenth anniversary of Dr Manhattan. Pretty nifty. I think this guy playing him is a little too built, but that might just be my interpretation of the art. I wonder if he'll be naked? He was always naked in the comic...

I'm so excited! This is the one where everyone makes out before it all goes south in death and drama in the next one! Really, that's all I wanted out of this book, and it's all I want out of this movie, but I was glad to see a little character development of Malfoy, and I'm looking forward to that, too. It's going to be fun.

And has put them into the SciFi Friday slot, which is woefully empty now that they've bumped SG1 and SGA, and now that BSG is ending soon (all fo which is their own fault). I hope it's fiercely successful. The story isn't done yet, and I hate unfinished stories, especially sweet ones involving strong women and pretty vampires that are different enough from the norm to make it interesting. (also, it's on DVD now and I needs must own it)

GofD is running a Coraline Prize pack with all sorts of neat things.
Just enter your addy and contact info, and off you go! This is another movie I'm really excited about-- I mean, anything with Neil Gaiman's fingerprints on it and I'm there, but the trailers look wonderful-- charming and clever and a little spooky in that quirky way we all have come to expect.

Classic SciFi comes to film in Rolland Emmerich's Foundation Adaptation.
I have a hard time reading Azimov's long fiction, and a long series of long fiction kinda makes me shy away like a nervous horse, but I love the short fic, and it's such a visual thing-- all of hard scifi is-- that a good movie can do wonders for speeding up the story and translating it into something I can digest. Just don't make it suck, you hear me, Rolland? This is SciFi Law here, the basis of huge chunks of the genre, and you better treat it as such. I'm getting so tired of big-budget shiny scifi that looks good but has no soul. No connection to the characters. It's supposed to be about the people, not just the guns.

Even more-classic SciFi is on the way up, too! My brother had these books, and I used to look at the covers and wonder why the women were all naked and the guys got all the rayguns, but they're some of the basic scifi stories out there. This could be really neat... though it's Disney, so it might be really sanitized. But still, I love that there's still this idea of an alien-populated Mars that we might be able to go to.

That's two of my fav geekeries together: GTD and new-vamps. Now if he and Neil Gaiman would work with Tim Burton to make a movie about vampire monster-hunters starring Dough Jones, I could die happy...

Which is super-nifty. I wanna see a kracken! Movies are so good-sounding lately...

Which I still maintain didn't need to be made, and makes me worry for Keanu's starring role in the new Cowboy Bebop movie. Here's a whole bunch of random WTF moments in TDtESS. Also: how come Jennifer Connolly, who is a long-time standard of genre fic and who is a genuinely good acress, keeps getting stuck in the turkeys? If someone remakes this again next year and casts Liv tyler in her role, I think she should rethink her casting agent.

not really scifi, but still exciting:
The VM movie is closer to being in the works then ever before! Rob Thomas has been working on s script, and he's looking for the moolah to get it paid for! I'm hoping for first-season VM, with all her insights coming from ghostly hallucination-dreams. That was kind of scrapped for the second movie, except for, like, one episode, but it was one of the details that I thought made it different from being just any old detective show. Without it, it was still really good and amazingly well written and complex, but it didn't have that little fizzon of weirdness that set it apart.

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