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Weekly Roundup 2 - Sept 14 to 20

Sorry it's late today-- my internetsen are not friendly to me this week. So here we go:

sun: true blood
You know that cliffhanger at the end of last episode? Yeah, now that that's cleared away, let's get back to the softcore ****. I can tell this show's going to be one of those 'leave them in abject fear and then fix it easily next week' shows; I mean, it already is. Sookie? Not dead by kicking. Jason? Not a murderer. Moving on. Bill went to talk to the Grandma, Sookie yelled at alot more people, Sam tried to calm her down at work again, Tara almost got some alone time with her idiot love, and Jason went back to his slutty ex. Sookie totally made out with the gash in Bill's arm and drank up all his v-juice, which means now they're connected and she's got super-senses. On top of being a telepath. That dog that follows Sookie showed up again and Bill popped a fang when he and Sook started to make out-- after that thing that vampires do these days where they smell along your jugular. I mean, it's hot and all, but it's also silly and kind of weird, but I guess it reinforces the idea that you're basically food, however else they choose to treat you.
Not much happened this ep, really, but at the end, some vamp-hater dies mysteriously and the crazy bald vamp is at Bill's house, so who knows what's going to happen next, and I guess that's what keeps me coming back: I really don't know. It's like a soap opera that happens to have people-eaters in it.
You know what would be really interesting? If they keep with the books, eventually Sookie's going to have a steady boyfriend who's a weretiger and she'll meet her great grandfather who's a faerie. Even if they don't keep with the books, it'll be fun to know that vamps aren't the only mystical beings around, you know?
My review: Still waiting for the point, but keep it coming!

mon: sarah connor
So! John's finally acting something like a normal teenager, and, unfortunately, it's entirely the wrong thing to do in a life like his. Riley is fun, pretty, quirky, kind of a damaged kid but still really normal outside of the terminator-knowledge, she's exactly what John thinks he needs, and my bet is that she'll die. Barring that, she's the enemy in some way we haven't figured out. Meanwhile, Sarah's scared for her life from something she can't shoot and has developed a fobia of radiation. I think it's her control-freak issues. And maybe when she was in the loony bin, she actually was crazy; I mean, just because the robots were real, doesn't mean she wasn't driven off the edge by them. Meanwhile meanwhile, Cameron's acting off... something's come loose in her robobrain or something, and she's having trouble making decisions for herself, possibly getting stuck in data loops until someone knocks her out of it, she's lost in her own lack of knowing... Outside the big three, Charley's wife Penny Widmore knows what's up now, and I think they'll continue to be a fun dynamic as they get more invovled in his ex-fiancee's fight to save the world, and Agent Ellis is still gathering info and talking things through with people, and that'll be fun, too.
Season two is off to an interesting start. This episode wasn't as rip-roaring as the first one, but it's setting up the plot for the season better, and as they've got a whole season to work with this time, I think they're doing it carefully. So far, it looks like there's a plan, and I'm sold. Now it's time to wait and see what happens. Season one got better and better as it neared climax, let's hope season two can top it.
My review: Pretty neat. Keep it up! And I'm kinda glad John made Sarah stop petting on him. That was getting a little too Oedipal for me. She should pet on Dereck; he's hot and seems to be concerned about her.

tues: fringe, eureka
Fringe continues to be weird as all get out. And a little gross, though this week was only magic-oldman-babies and eyeballs and discriptions, instead of all crisco-skin and visible muscles. Not as crazy as the first episode, but there's progress with the interactions between characters-- Pacey-Peter continues to be concerned about Olivia, Charley-the-Fed is getting just the tinsiest bit annoyed at not knowing what's going on, roboarm seems to be working both sides of the Committee, Walter is still a total nut bar, but is figuring out how the world works a little and is starting to remember things from before he was locked up. I'm still not so sure of Anna Torv's acting-- most of the time, I'm not sure if she's supposed to look like she doesn't know what's going on, but for now, it's okay. The science... well, I knew going in to this that it wasn't really going to have much with reality, and it's kind of freeing that it's like that. Anything is possible.
I think the plot of this episode was a little choppy; things seemed a little too convenient sometimes, but it held together easy enough by the end, and it seems to be introducing the idea that there's something wrong with PaceyPeter, and that maybe he doesn't know about it. And, knowing how weird his dad is and how freaky the show wants to be, I'm sure it's something really weird.
My review: I'm still with ya. Keep it coming!

This week's Eureka was my first in a long time. I mean, I watched all of the first season with rapt attention, and cried like a very sad baby at the end, but I lost track of it in the second season, and this... well, this is the third, and I'm doing my best to get back.
Anyway, I'm not entirely sure what's going on in the overall season arc, but this episode was about the town elections-- Eureka needs a mayor, even though I'm pretty sure it never had one before. Vincent of the coffee shop was running, with Fargo as his campaign manager, Zoe's boyfriend Lucas was running, though it seemed it was all a front for Zoe to be all Lady Macbeth behind the scenes and I'm not sure why she didn't just run herself, and some guy named Hererra who farms clouds was running. There was much techno-fictioning, with clouds shaped into campaign signs and gel that keeps you cool under pressure and so on. Meanwhile, there's some bunker recently discovered, and Allison and Carter investigate and find out that Eva, who I'm assuming is this season's big bad, removed several fourty-year-old bodies from it, and she's not sharing any info on them and is acting like she knew them personally. Oh, and there's a science project that creates as second sun.
Carter and Jo's superbrain boyfriend Zack manage to save the day, and Henry is voted in, even though he didn't run. It's still silly and quirky and fun, and I have no idea what's going on between the characters, but I'm okay with that. Though I do want to know what happened with Allison and Carter-- that's not there at all anymore, and that makes me sad.
My Review: Fun standard Eureka.

thurs: supernatural
Smallville premiered, and I will not be adding that to the rotation. I watched it a little at the beginning, but Superman just isn't that interesting to me, and the show is not good. I just can't bring myself to come back after five and a half years.

Better, was that Supernatural premiered. Season four finds Dean dragging himself from the grave after four months, and having to reunite the gang so he can find out why. Sam has a girl whose name he can't remember in a room with mirrored ceilings, Billy almost kills him thinking he's a revenant or something, a psychic is blinded and several demons are killed and blinded, too. Sam's working on his psychic powers with the help of Ruby and a bunch of lies to preserve the secret, and, it turns out, Dean is chosen of God. Neat. It was really only a matter of time, I think, before a show full of demons had to get around to the fact that demons are warped angels, and therefore, there are angels. And it's always fun to watch a rock-hard skeptic get a mission from a god he doesn't believe in. Not to mention watching an angel be really freaky and creepy. This is so much better then whitelighters and darklighters on Charmed.

fri:atlantis, discovery project earth
Atlantis brings us Keller tied up in the woods again! Really, this is getting to be a habit. This time, she's kidnapped by a Runner like Ronon, and that means he's the only one who can track them; meanwhile, Rodney's been practicing talking to her intelligently about medical matters, and has gone with her on his day off juse to near her, so he insists on helping her too. So there's woods, and Wraith, none of which are Standard Wraith Baddie or Hot Toddy The Wraith, so they manage to kill them all and the rest is sunning around and avoiding further capture while Keller helps a sick girl and disables the Runner's transmitter. He draws the rest of the Wraith off, but isn't killed, so I think he'll probably come back later-- or would have if the show wasn't canceled. ::tear:: The best parts were when Keller actually got to do things like speak her mind and even fight off an attacking Wraith who was, like, twice her size-- and when Rodney confronted Ronon back on the base to ask him "his intentions". Seems both Ronon and our Rodney like the same girl! This'll be fun, what with them being entirely different people with entirely different skill sets and personalities and life-views. I'm voting for Rodney, though, if only because I like the little possible sparks between Ronon and Teyla.
My Review: Standard low-budget Atlantis, okay, but not as neat as last week. An excuse to move the plot along.

Discovery Project Earth was about getting rid of Co2 in the air. There was the idea to drop it into the oceans, and they built a torpedo that could slam dry-ice into the sea floor, and they built a massive air-scrubber something like they use to get the co2 from shuttle air and something like they use for getting the sulfur out of factory air that was more than twice as effective as they thought it should be. There was talks with Norwegian natural gas miners who separate the co2 on site and pump it back underground, and the mention that the rest of the world could use the same plan to sequester millions of tons. There was mention that cleaning the air might make peole think it's okay to continue spoiling it.
But it wasn't as interesting to me as it usually is. I don't know; the tech was not as neat, the plan was not as ambitious, things went too smoothly, something wasn't as sparky as it usually is. A worthy episode-- they all are-- but not my favorite.

The Wrong Door is a BBC3 sketch comedy show with a weird scfi-esque twist and a penchant for running gags and potty humor. Not hilarious, no, but silly enough to be entertaining, and scifi enough to be somewhat unexpected. Let's see what the next few eps are like before I decide whether to make this a regular part of thelineup or not.

excited about:
Merlin on BBC has Anthony Stewart Head and Eve Myles, both of whom I already adore, and is already getting some good press. RTD says it's something worthy of showing against the Doctor.

Warehouse 13 is one of SciFi Channel's new shows-- Sully from Bones and his partner have to protect a warehouse full of paranormal artifacts. (anyone notice how secret semi-governmental programs are the thing for scifi this season?)

Flash Forward-- from the guy who wrote the Blade movies, a show about everyone on the planet getting a 2 minute vision of the future and how it changes everything.

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