Sunday, September 28, 2008

Week 3 News

The World's Strangest Clock:
The most distant gamma ray burst we've ever seen:
A discussion of the usefulness of mechanical things to remember for us-- and some that already exist:
Scientists want to study out-of-body experiences with postcards on high shelves:
Fish had fingerbones before coming on land:,22049,24381533-5016574,00.html
An engineering student wants to save earth from asteroids using mylar and solar power:,22049,24224477-5016574,00.html
Plans to go back to the Moon to stay:,22049,24050515-5016574,00.html
Virtual dating as a networking site in Japan:
Full individual genome sequencing for the price of an ipod!:
DNA-based jewelry:
Nearly-instant DNA scanners:

The top SciFi shows not on (region 1) DVD:

Farscape continues in comic form (much like Buffy):
RTD turned down writing the live-action Starwars. That might have been really fun. :
This is about the coolest real scientific discovery I've seen in ages: And also:

a really thought provoking take on faeminism-- thought zombies:
China starts work on a new em-drive for space:
conservative dystopias:

Doctor Who pumpkin carving templates!:
A new History Channel Show I may need to add to the lineup:
New scifi books for October:

Hyposprays are real!:

Watery Mars has lasted longer than thought!:
A space cold war?:

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