Saturday, September 20, 2008

Week 2 News

10 dumbest deaths in scifi:

first picture of an exoplanet:
lhc hacked:
weird bright obkect:
planning for the apocalypse:

top ten geeky movie characters:
more on the exoplanet:
top ten sexy geeks:
nasa has ideas about how to stop astronaut bone loss:
the oldest roots of scifi:
this is atlantis's last season!
they're cancelling atlantis, for 'kids in the gate'?

the 20 best worst scfi movies of all time:
mccain and ufos:
Sulu got hisself hitched!:
Flash Forward has a fun idea but is made by questionable talent:
New SciFi Channel show stars Sully and looks fun!

Sickest Transporter Accidents in SciFi:
New Red Dwarf coming:
Why Fringe is TVs most reassuring show:

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