Friday, September 26, 2008

Imports: Merlin s01e01

I've decided to separate out the imported TV I watch, as most of it isn't in the US, or will be later, and maybe you don't want to spoil yourself. To start off: Merlin.

Sunday seems to be the day for mysticism, what with True Blood also being this day. Merlin began tonight with a fun episode that managed to get young!Merlin not only into a place in court, but also into a lot of trouble. He's a natural magician in a land where magic is banned, and that's only going to cause problems. This time around, it helped him save his mentor, fight Arthur and defeat an evil witch played really well by the lovely Eve Myles (was that her singing? I'll have to find out, but I heard somewhere that Welsh people are naturally musical...). Uther "Giles" Pendragon is kind of a hardass; he battled magic twenty years ago and brought order-- at the cost of getting rid of everything the least bit magical and killing anyone who uses it. And that's why the witch wanted to kill him: one of those executed was her son. He rewards Merlin for saving everyone by making him Arthur's manservant, but they already don't like each other, and I'm sure that'll be a lot of the plot points to follow. Gwenevere is a maidservant, not a princess, to Morgana, who is not a half sister but a ward, so it'll be interesting to see how the standard interactions work out.
All in all, alot of fun and worth the watch, and I'll definitely tune in next time!

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