Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Side Project Week 3

We didn't watch Classic Who last night, but we did watch Pushing Daisies in an attempt to catch up since the show is coming back so very soon after so very long a hiatus (stupid writers' strike!). I've seen all the episodes before, of course, but it was almost like watching them for the first time. I'd forgotten just how charming the show was, how vivid the world was-- entirely stylized and colorful and strange, nothing boring and normal in it at all. I want to live in Lilly and Vivian's house. I want to work at the Pie Hole. I want to look out my window and see endless miles of yellow daisies.

I hope the show stays as it is-- long breaks can break the flow, and I think it would just be a tragedy in this case. There was such a cohesive feel to these nine little episodes, such a unified idea of what was happening. I have trepedations about the new episodes more than I usually do at the start of a new series...

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