Tuesday, February 24, 2009

mvoie: futurama - into the wild green yonder

The last of the four contracted futurama moviesodes, and that makes me sadface. But a fun one, back to the way futurama always was, and that makes me happy face. I liked Bender's Big Score ("Scarab Forearm Bird Bird Bird!"), which felt like Futurama and had all the scifi weirdness that we all know and love about it. The Beast With A Billion backs? Not so much. Icky, mostly, though I do like the idea that Leela has elbow spikes that she hides... Bender's Game was fun, but the advertized parts took forever to happen, and the rest is a totally different story. But this one was back to the truth of the show-- scifi spoofing itself with characters we like and storylines we care about. 

In typical Futurama fashion, it gets around to the main point about half-way through, but the randomness is less random than it could be-- it all comes together perfectly in the end, and it's a good send off if it should happen that no one wants to pay for more of them (though I hope they do). It's like this: Green waves make new life around a little violet star. Amy's parents are blowing stuff up in order to build more stuff where it was-- namely, a bigger better Vagas to replace the already improved one they just blew up-- and one of those things is the universe's biggest minature golf. Which means the violet star has to be turned into the ball return at the end. Feminist environmentalists try to stop them and wind up killing Agnew, and Leela winds up as their leader, on the run. Meanwhile, Fry has been brain-stabbed and now can read minds and is recruited by a whole secret society of mind readers who are working for the green wave and against the Dark One that will try to stop it-- they want him to infiltrate Wong's business and stop him from blowing up the star. Along the way, there's Zap Brannigan and Kiff, there's Bender robbing and plundering and having an affair with Don Bot's wife Fanny. There's Hermes and Zoidberg and Amy and the Professor not getting enough screen time, but being funny when they do. There's Morvo and Lurr. There's a cameo by Mom. There's even Scruffy. It's everyone all at once.

I like.

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