Monday, March 2, 2009

show of note: raines: e01 and 102

This might be stretching the definition of a ScFi (::ahem::and fantasy::hm::) blog, but I think it's weird enough, and as it's my blog, I'm doing it. At least until I get bored. Hoshi from Enterprise is a regular, and Jelff himself has scifi chops, even if the show is scifi-lite, so for now, this'll just be a quick mention.

The premise is that Jelff Goldbloom is a long-time cop who recently lost his partner of 13 years in a shooting, and now he sees dead people. Only he knows that they're only hallucinations, and they don't know any more than he does, though they can help him work it out. 

The first episode has him following the case of a girl found dead in a parkinglot with a bullet hole in her back. Turns out she was an escort, working the high-priced streets to save her mom from an abusive husband.

The second ep is a man who washes up on shore and turns out to be an illegal immigrant with a double life.

The fun parts come from the interesting cuts as Mike's POV shifts on the topic-- when he finds out she's a hooker, the camera pans behind him and when we see her on the other side, she's dressed like a trampy cheerleader, then it pans back and she's not. And it's full of that. And little hey-we-know-you-like-genre assides: Mike asks the sketch artist to do it "like a comic book with motion lines and a few 'Blam's" and reads 'therapist' as 'the rapist'.

And the show is remarkably low-key, with mello background music, no chase scenes, and alot of Jelff / Mike thinking and tiptoeing delicately around emotional and interpersonal issues-- almost reminds me of a british show. And it's charming. Quicky. A little sad and alot weird.

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