Friday, February 20, 2009

lost: s05 e06 - 316

I seem to have missed one or, like, two... or three... I watched them, but they aren't posted here. Go fig.

Anyway, FINALLY an interesting mainland ep. After all that It has to be all of you crap, Daniel's mom makes do with Jack, Sun, Desmond and Ben. Des is all 'fuck this jazz' and leaves, and the rest set about getting on a plane that will recreate the crash so they can go back. Can you only reach the island through disasters?

Ben goes to fulfill and old promise and gets really roughed up. Jack goes to take care of his grandpa and gets something of his dad to give to Locke so he can stand in for Christian Shepherd's dead body, and when he comes home for some more binge drinking before The Land Without Alcohol, he finds Kate crying her new mascara all over his bed, and they have sad sex that was totally unhot. I hope they were attempting to show disfunction and mysery, and not two people who love each other, because I totally got squicked by the afore mentioned dysfunction and misery. Anyway, Aaron's gone and we're never to mention it again. I think she ate him.

Next morning, we get to the plane, and they reenact getting onto the original plane; Jack's having trouble with the coffin-baggage, Sun's lurking in the background, Kate shows up anyway, even after three episodes of her screaming that they're all crazy and she wants no part of it. Hurley's there, semi-inexplicably, and he's bought up all the free seats on the plane so no one else has to die, which is very sweet. And Sayid's there, all handcuffed and with a marshall, being Kate for this reenactment. There's one other dude, who had, like, one line. New Losties! Just what we need!

So plane plane plane. Turbulence, and Jack looks relieved and Hurley doesnt' even take is eyemask off. More turbulence, and the stewardess gets tossed across the cabin (I'd so never be a stewardess on TV-- you always die), there's a flash of light, and then Jack's waking up in the bamboo, Kate's unconscious on the rocks and Hurley's in the water, drowning. Jack goes all hero and saves them, but where's everyone else? And how did they not crash? Is the plane still there, going merrily on it's way without anyone on it?

A Dharma VW pulls up and we all go 'Oh no! They're in the 70s!' and then Jin climbs out and both sites are confused. So yay, it's a friend! But they might still be in the 70s, and if they all die when stupid young!Ben kills Dharma, I'll be pissed. If they join the Others instead, and then we learn that they were there all along and young gets to meet old, that could be really neat. Maybe Christian Shepherd the Ghost is actually Old!Jack stuck in the past and torturing himself now that he's had 30-odd years to figure it out.

Other things:
- Dharma has at least one mainland hatch, too, and that means there are probably more. And tehy never really updated their computers at all. I'm wondering if they're going to work that into the plot, or if it's just supposed to show that other people are always moving into the old Dharma places after they're gone? Or is Dharma still active on the mainland? She said there were other weird places like the Island and that they're all connected, so has Dharma set up secret hatches all over the world?
- There was a note from Locke to Jack that we really wanted to be important, but it was lame and told-you-so-ish.
- The capitain was Frank Lepidus, all cleaned up and looking weird-- I like him better rough-- and he was sharp enough to know what they were doing, and steady enough to pilot them through it anyway. Reminding us that he was supposed to be the capitain of the original flight anyway.
- They're back on the Island already?? What's the rest of the season going to be about??
- What's up with the rest of the people? Why didn't they all land in the same place? Are they scattered across time now? That'd be weird.

Next week, we get to see the other half of the ep, how Ben got roughed up, how Hurley got out, what happened to Kate and Aaron, and how Sayid got caught and for what and why the hell were they flying him to Guam?

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