Monday, October 20, 2008

weekly roundup 6 - oct 12 to 18 (way under-watched)

I've actually been working some this week, so the watching is way down and the updating is way behind, but here's what we've got so far:

mon: heroes
First, a random note: Peter looks really good jumping over tables and slamming people into walls. He should do it more often.

This week brings us Daphne seeing Linderman; Nathan and Tracy tracking Dr Zimmerman (very quickly and off-screen) to Mama Pet, who revealed that Nathan was made like Tracy because Papa Pet was upset that he didn't have abilities at birth; Daphne and Knox recruiting specials for an army; Mohinder going all psychopath and webbing people up in his lab, including Maya who can kill you with her mind, but has a remarkably weak will; Hiro and Ando looking for Daphne and getting hoodwinked-- first by Adam, who got away and then got kidnapped, then by Daphne who got Hiro into the army by having him kill Ando (!!!); Mama Pet dreaming the future and getting paralyzed as a result; Claire trying out her vigilante gig and winding up as a councillor; New-Guy-Steven (who has a really neat power) going on the run, getting caught between various powers, and then committing suicide so he doesn't have to kill Syler; Claire becoming disillusioned about her dad and confused about a Syler that seems to actually be trying to be good... except that one part in the car...; Meredith going looking for Claire and winding up in the clutches of someone who can control you and is creepily obsessed with clowns. And big ol' SPOILER-- Papa Pet is back, and he's behind it all.

So everything's messed up. Parkman's not even in this week, but he's next up on the recruitment list, and he knows that Daph is supposed to be his future!wife. Everyone's trying to fix the world and only getting into worse positions then they started out.

I think Syler's most interesting right now. The whole thing is about heroes and villains and their interchangability and how everyone's doing good from their point of view, but he's the only one actively attempting rehabilitation. And Zachary Quinto seems to have more range as a confused and hopeful Syler then as a flat and voracious Syler. But I'm pissed about Hiro and Ando, and the only way I won't be is if he did that back-up-time thing right after stabbing him and before leaving-- although, that will make Ando that much more likely to go villain and kill Hiro in the future. And we all know how spectacularly unsuccessful our peeps are at staving off future disaster.

tues: fringe
This week was... kind of boring. Dude man can control electricity, only not really-- he has the ability, but he has no training and no active control, just a sort of emotionally-linked fight or flight, and he only manages to kill his love and his mom and mangle his boss. And the team is not much help to him, managing only to capture him and take him away. Not much Mad Walter in this one, though he's there, of course, to tell us he knows something about this and studied it two decades ago (it'll be better when they get past that little muguffin), and then to spet out of the plot. Not much Peter, either, and the tone gets rather full of it's own deepness when he's not snarking on it. X-Files managed to keep from being depressing because Mulder was a joker, and they should keep that fact in mind as they emulate it.

And really, she story was about Olivia going off her bean. She's seeing Keen Eddie all over, and she thinks he's a hallucination, but he keeps giving her clues. Turns out, Walter thinks, off the top of his head, that maybe when she was in the tank in the first ep and she mind-melded with him, a part of his conciousness plugged into her brain. So yeah. Agent Scott / Keen Eddie went to the same school of resurrection as Linderman over in Heroes and Scorpius over on Farscape... and he seems to have an will and knowledge base indipendent of Liv, and keeps telling her how much he loves her and helping her out all spookily. It'll be fun if he's disembodied but becomes a regular character, though that might get in the way of Liv and Peter, which is what I really want to see.

Yeah, I know. Nothing.

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