Monday, October 20, 2008

side projects:wkk 5 catchup

Sanctuary certainly is a slow-burn isn't it? But I like the emphesis on story, so I won't argue.

This week (last week) they found the Morrigan, three women from 800-ish AD who have the power to kill people by releasing the souls from the bodies. Only sanctuary doesn't know that, and the women have amnesia. Wil won't believe they're 1200 years old, and thinks they have a group delusion stemming from being held hostage for too long. Until they start remembering and go all hovery and destructive, which leaves Sanctuary conveniently low on defenses and lets the new Big Bad in-- this Cabal that's been doing what they do for two and a half millenia, and do it with much bigger guns and in a much more militatistic way. And they're not happy that their 'property' has been taken. Wil manages to get through to them enough that they think they can eventually be free, but they understand that it has to be because they did it, and if they stay on the promise of freedom, Sanctuary will be taken down by the Cabal-- so they go, under the agreement that if they do, Cabal Leader 1 will leave everyone alone.

There's alot of shooting in the last act, and can I just tell you how great Amanda Tapping looks walking down a hallway, talking on a phone and shooting monsters without ruffling her hair? This is all the bad-assery of Carter with the added benefit of being able to wear heels and nice clothes, and being able to fight non-militarily. And the autopsy scene was totally Scully. I'm loving it.

This week's monsters were like giant vole skeletons, and that was pretty neat, too, and we got to meet an informant named Squid who may or may not be a giant bug-thing on a bridge that may or may not be the Brooklyn Bridge with the middle missing. There was an underground fight with Ashley and a Chamelon creature that served only to get her away from the Sanctuary when lockdown happened, and I think that could have been handled better-- so if it turns out the Chameleon is part of something better, I'm fine with it, but otherwise, it was pointless. And Wil has a girlfriend who was on Batterstar Galactica and thinks he's seeing someone else. Oh the trauma. This week had a really great Celtic Fusion soundtrack, and I'm great on that. But the accent... gets a little Australian sometimes...

Knight Rider explosion 1 at 12 minutes! Sexy misunderstanding at 22 minutes! Girls sitting on eachother's laps at 34! Not known for it's subtlety, this show.

It seems that Mike is up against surfing smugglers, and that the show thinks it's Point Break, but it's not even that. So Mike and Zoe go undercover, Sarah gets jealous, Billy hates being outside, and Kitt gets snarky. There's a bad actor surfer who wants to smuggle giant smart bombs and rocket launchers so he can blow up a nuclear power plant for no real reason, and there's a tech-a-mabob that jams the missile but making it return to sender. Yeah, I didn't think it makes much sense, either. All we really got out of this is that in Afganistan-what-Mike-doesn't remember, he was being the same self-righteous something or other that he is now. Huh?

The music was fun, all spanish rap and neo-surf rock, and the visuals made me want to move to the beach, but the plot was dumb, even for this show.

Mike's been poisoned and only making a delivery on time will get him the antidote! Whatever will team Knight Rider do?? Apparently, engage in multiple car chases and work with the FBI to fake a CEO's death so they can trace the culprits. Standard procedure, right?

Mike managed to actually die, like, twice, but was defibbed once and had an antidote synthesized by Kitt with Sarah's blood the other time. He's no Daniel Craig, though; he would have defibbed himself in that case. And he's not even Jason Strathan, who would have just kept himself hopped up on adrenaline to stay alive.

Not enough Zoe and Billy this time, though we did see Kerry, who I forgot existed because she wasn't even in last episode. No explosions, but Mike did keep going soft on Sarah when the poison started acting like a truth serum. Conveniently, however, he doesn't remember what he said. I give them shippy points for saying the L word (hint, not lesbian) in the fourth ep, but I take most of them away because of being lame and not remembering. That's so TV cliche, especially since they didn't even kiss or anything.

This week's fun tech-a-mabob: contacts that give you a heads-up display in your field of vision. Sweet.

Still more to come, as I'm now behind on Week 6, too.

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