Thursday, October 9, 2008

books: fool moon, book two of the dresden files

I'm always a little leery of reading a second book in a series when I really enjoyed the first one, on the chance that it'll suck and ruin it for me (not that it kept me from diving right in this time...). I'm glad to say, however, that the series continues nicely, and somehow manages to top itself here in the second book of the series, which I read-- no, devoured-- in an equally short amount of time.

Book two finds our Harry up against werewolves. And not just any weres, but ALL the weres, all four main kinds of wolf-person there are. Add in mobsters, Internal Affairs, the FBI, and an old apprentice, and you've got the fixings for another crazy adventure.

What I like best about these books is how Harry is entirely believable. He's got all the powers, sure, but he's also got a heart and a mind that are understandable and caring, and no matter how messed up things get, no matter how far behind the badguys' plans he is, he always goes for what's right, and when things go very wrong, he's willing to power through even if it means he'll definitely wind up dead. Though he hasn't yet (and there's eight more books after this)(though, with this weird world, I wouldn't put it past him to die and keep going).

Things are tense with Murphy who thinks he's betrayed her. Things are heating up with Susan who isn't just after stories now. Marcone's plotting and planning and trying to get Harry on his side. Baby weres are looking up to him. Magic is all crazy all the time.

The show was never this great.

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