Tuesday, August 11, 2009

scifi that isn't like scifi

Have you noticed the way scifi is tricking it's way into the regular drama-tv world? And how people are gobbling it up until it shows that it's actually scifi? I don't see why people would love Lost and then get upset when it gets really weird; it started out that way, you just were distracted by all the pretty people.

I'm looking forward to Flash Forward, mostly, and I've sort of gotten hooked on the Colony and Defying Gravity (these two are reviwed in last week's Examiner), and I've been watching True Blood, so you'll hopefully start getting posts again. Jeeze, but I've been stretched thin lately. And we haven't been Doctoring, which is the backbone of this blog, so I keep forgetting to post.

This will be remedied.

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