Saturday, April 11, 2009


There’s also the nu who redux: voyage of the damned coming up, and we’re due to go back to weekly classic who as well as reduxing series 4. And I’ve got a Conference report, a paper snippet, a game review for Shock!, Fringe is coming back, and if I decide to do fan-tangents (so that I can keep the number of blog-proliferations to a decent amount—there are already twelve that I write), I’ve got Castle, the Unusuals, and I suppose I can throw in The Mentalist (because of Robin Tunney –> The Craft) and Bones (because of David Boreanaz –> Buffy / Angel, and if you really needed that why are you reading a geekblog like this?). I sort of fear it might water down the scifiness, but I’ve already started on Raines, and really, fans watch tangentially-related shows too, right?

Plus, you know, it’s my blog. I do what I want. Midseason replacement shows and all the reduxes over the summer will save it. It’ll probably still be mostly Doctor Who anyway!

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