Tuesday, April 14, 2009

fringe: inner child s01e15


A couple of construction workers find a hidden tunnel under a building they’re set to demolish—tunnels that aren’t on the blueprints—and inside, they find a kid who’s never seen sunlight. Liv and the team are called in because that’s weird. Meanwhile, and old case from before Liv was on the X-Files surfaces: a guy who sedates, kidnaps and kills women so that he can ‘improve’ them and turn them into public art.

The kid turns out to be an empath and he gets linked to Liv, so when she really needs to know something about the case, he’s the one who gives her the plot points. Normally, that sort of thing is annoying, but in a show about weird stuff, it works, and in this episode, it’s actually pretty touching.

I missed Fringe. It’s not a crazy obsession like other shows, and I sort of don’t think much about it when it isn’t on, but now that it’s back, it was a relief to have new developments and it was a solid example to come back on: Walter’s weirdness had a purpose, Peter wasn’t just a snarkfest, Liv was devoted to her job without coming across as a bitch. And Broyles was as helpful as he was opaque. And there’s new developments: the kid looks an awful lot like the Observer that was… well, observing him, and the ‘social worker’ assigned to him is actually a CIA agent that feels like he’ll be back—and he has an interesting way of working with Liv, which might be interesting later. Especially if they stay at cross purposes. Also, he said ‘we’ve got another one’ to whoever was on his phone, which implies that there’s more than just this one kid, and maybe that someone is making them on purpose.

So yay!

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