Tuesday, November 11, 2008

side project week 8: classic who

The Monster of Peladon (parts 1,2,3 of 6)

The first half of this story finds us back on Peladon with the Doctor, and this time with Sarah-Jane. The Doctor wants to see his old friend the king, but they find that he's been dead for ages and his young daughter is on the throne-- and, as usual, he's a legend. Alpha Centauri is there, and he recognizes the Doctor, but the planet of Peladon seems to be plagued with advisors to the crown who are more suspicious than wise, and so he thinks the Doctor is a spy. See, there's this problem in a mine-- like always for the third Doctor, who is more in a mine than in a quarry-- where the Galactic Federation is trying totake over some mineral and the people don't want to, they just want the weapons. There's a rebellion and there's doublecrossing, Sarah-Jane is often separated, and starts out kinda whiny before she gets the hang of doing things for herself, the Doctor sings his song again, they get tossed into a pit and are immediately brought back out after the cliffhanger, there's political intrigue that's not very intriguing, there's people who have weird fros that take over much of their faces and contain skunk-like streaks...

So far, I'm not terribly impressed with the show, but we're only half way through, so maybe it will improve by the end. Mostly, though, it seems that it's all things we see all the time on this Doctor's run, social upheval, the need for strong women, people in charge not knowing what's going on and / or lying to everyone else, mining disputes... I want something new to happen, but I'm not holding much hope. It almost feels like parts that were taken out of the original story, especially when Sarah-Jane goes all Jo-whiny, but if that's the case, they were cut for a reason and I could have been fine without them.

This is the second-to-last episode for the Third Doctor, and I hope his last one is better.

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