Saturday, November 15, 2008

news: catching up

I've gotten desperately behind in my newsiness, as well as everything else up in here, but this is part one of an attempt to get back on the ball.

So here goes:

I'm still all broken up that My Future Husband David Tennant is leaving the Whoniverse. (though I'm excited to see who's next, and there's always the alternate reality doctorclone hanging out and making babies with Rose, so he can come back without it even being a cross-time storyline or anything...). This points out the River Song issues, too, because she recognized him, and now she can't happen-- except that my roomie came up with the beautiful idea that maybe she sees him, not the form he's in, so it won't really matter who he looks like and she can still be there! Are you listening Steven?

Den of Geek is still working its way through X-Files, one episode at a time for the next six million years. Here's S01E11 - Eve (the one with all the Eves, and the first appearance of the clones), and S01E12 - Fire (the one with the English family, Mulder's ex blonde, and the dude who controls fire), and S01E13 - Beyond the Sea (the one where we find out that Scully's dad is General Hammond, and she has issues with his death while a psychic makes them switch roles), and S01E14 - Gender Bender (the one with the amish aliens), S01E15 - Lazarus (the one where Scully's ex partner and lover gets posessed).

Tom Baker hosted an interview show on the Beeb recently. I'll find it, watch it, and get back to you.

Two of Heroes' writers / executive producers have been fired because the network doesn't like where the show is going, they've been consistently over budget, and ratings are still dropping. And yet, they're still planning season 4.

Using math and crazy fandom, Den of Geek determines who the next Doctor will be and when they'll take over and how long they'll last. Chee!

My Future Husband David Tennant talks about leaving and being the Doctor and how he was almsot convinced to stay.

A reminder that Stevel Moffet likes an older, weirder actor for playing the Doctor... which leaves Bill Nighy and makes me happy. Though the articles comments remind everyone that that statement was ages ago, and things have changed.

More about who will be Doctor 11. I'm still backing my roomate. He's ginger and not mean.

Another new character on Lost: Amy

Knight Rider is getting rebooted after the 13th ep, and they're leaving all the fun side characters in the dust. And the boring ones. And getting rid of the terrorist-of-the-week idea so it's more like the old guy-does-good-on-his-own deal. So... is he stealing KITT and going solo? That might be fun. And I like asian chick and wimpy geek.

Life On Mars US gets a full season. Even though I haven't seen a single aired episode. (I had to bump it to the summer-catchup list) So it's up to 22 eps, when the brittish version is, like 6? 8? That's alot of new story to come up with, not to mention the fact that the UK one is closed, whereas the US one is open-ended like all US shows.

Lost is moving to Wednesday and conflicting with more of the shows I watch. But I'm still excited that we're on the downslope and everything is getting wrapped up.

More of who might be the Doctor: this time, Colin Salmon
, who played Dr Moon. Is it just me, or are all the suggestions getting a little inbred by sticking with people who have already been on the show?

Den of Geek offers up the Ten Worst Dalek Stories Ever! And I'm kind of surprised that there's only the ten. Which points out many of the problems I have with daleks. But does not include Daleks in Manhattan??

And that catches us up with Den Of Geek. i09 Will take much longer...

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