Sunday, July 5, 2009

true blood: s01

Don't know what you've done to me, but before this night is through... I'm gonna do bad things to you...

Man, no kidding. I watched the first few episodes as they came out until I couldn't get ahold of them any more, and recently, with the return for season two, H got all of them and I devoured them in slightly less than a day. And all together like that, it really sucks up your brain. And so much happened in those twelve little episodes.

Here's the basic impression: goofy at the beginning mixed with alot of pornyness and some sweet will-they-won't-they while punctuated with alot of blood. Alot of blood, all the time, in good and bad places (vampires are really messy eaters here, and even messier die-ers), and alot of sudden violence. I mean, Sookie's beaten almost to death right off the bat. Then it gets sexier and tenser, and weirder and even more violent and involved, and it ends really crazy.

I love Sam and feel horrible for him, since he can't seem to win, and I want to know what's up with Maryanne (who I knew was trouble as soon as Ensign Ro walked on screen-- it's like seeing John Delancy show up: nothing but trouble), and his past! How horrible.

Tara's life keeps falling apart by degrees, and I'm waiting for the other show to fall now that she's mixed up with whatever's going on with the afore-mentioned Maryanne. I was hoping she'd get to figure something out with sam and get some sort of human interaction going, but maybe that'll come after that other shoe... or maybe not at all, since they just introduced Eggs (though it annoys me that he's black-- why do the black characters have to wind up with other black characters? I liked her with Sam partly because inter-racial relationships that work are still not that common).

Bill's got a psychopathic little vamp-baby to deal with just as vampire-marriage becomes legal, and that aught to make things interesting. And she's fun, wild in every way that he isn't. Poor Bill, he's kind of a stick in the mud when it comes to being a vampire. And her existence is a thorn in his side, since he Made her against his will as a punishment he doesn't think he should have had... That had better continue.

LaFayette. Oh poor, poor, crazy, entirely amoral LaFayette. Looks like you're donefore. Apparently in the books, he wasn't even a character, just a body in a car, so maybe that's why he wound up like that. But we'll see, won't we?

And Jason never got any smarter, though it looked for a minute like he might, and now he's going to an extremist church, which will probably be more annoying than him boinking everyone in sight. But I was glad to see how happy he was to see Sookie after all the Crazy at the end. Speaking of, I was scared it was going to be Jesse, since they keep making him so strange in between all the sweetness, and I'm glad it wasn't him-- though I'm sad it was Renee.

So what does the new series hold? I can't wait to find out.

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