Monday, June 29, 2009

linky links: scifi edition wk26

Links, comin' at'cha.

Yeoman Rand in Star Trek 2? I liked Nurse Chapel better, but how awesome would it be to have more than just the one strong woman in this series? And I'm very excited about seeing how she can be updated and worked into the new continuum.

National SF / F Writer's Day: We missed it-- I think almost everyone did-- but there's a Facebook page linked there, and I've joined, and I'm planning on getting it next year. i love Arbitrary Holidays. And it's appropriately also Joss Whedon's birthday.

Remember when the apocalypse was fun? I didn't either until I read this article.

Augmented Reality: The article is about how it's already happening, but I can't wait until it's pervasive. Until holograms hover in front of things, telling you all about them, until the internet can be linked to your brain, until books can have hyperlinks embedded in them, and until tv can be fully referential and linked to everything pertinent. I love this definition of the information age, and I want it now!

A spoilery pic of the last two Dr Who Specials -- Not the last of the timelords? Awesome. i'm still desperately sad to see my future husband go, but I'm so excited about a whole season run by Steven Moffet that I don't even mind that RTD is sort of overdoing it and undoing all the pesky history that made the revival so new.

I'm not, however, all that pleased that there will still be Daleks: They've been so overdone. I will trust the Moff until I have a reason not to, and I will hope that he can make something cool out of them again, but I can't forgive them for The Daleks Take Manhattan.

Another peek for SGU: They keep emphesizing 'sexy' and 'gritty'. I still don't think it needed to be turned into BSG, but I'm more worried that they're going to off the big name actors. They like to do that in the first episodes. And I really like Robert Carlyle.

Eleven Doctors for this years Childen in Need? That's almost one Doctor per minute of screentime and might be too much, but it'd be fun to see how they explain Tom and Colin being so much older than they should be...

Ideas for ITV to get some scifi: Now that they've offed Primeval. The bastards.

Saturn's moon Encaledus might have the conditions for life: You know, even if they never find life in other worlds, I love that they're looking, and I love that the conditions seem to be so easy to find. It means scifi always has something to work with, and it's always sort of there, hovering around the zeitgeist.

A new robot can move around and emote at the same time: Previously, it was one or the other, so this is pretty sweet. I hope we get into I, Robot territory before I shuffle off-- I want to see whether something that seems to have sentience and emotions actually does.

How to meet and woo a nerdy girl: I would define the girl in question as a geek, but hey, that's just me. Actually, it's entirely me.

A discussion of International SF: This seems to be the hottest thing in SF/F scholarship, and I embrase it fully. We're not the only people telling stories about the future.

Geeky kid names: I love the idea of a kid named Whedon.

Salon says Spike ruined Buffy and io9 says it's Buffy's fault vampires are weak. I think there were always a few repentant vamps who sort of veered into the spotlight at that time and took over the world, allowing Edward Cullen to be the new ideal...

Google Voice threatens cellphones and I can hardly wait. For many of the same reasons I want holograms and a fully-interactive world.

The Tv Fandex! It racks how often shows are talked about on blogs, Twitter, fansites, FaceBook, MySpace and the like. And ranks them. And proves that TV ratings have nothing to do with popularity.

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