Sunday, May 10, 2009

sarah connor chronicles: last four episodes of s02

My god. Talk about heavy. I watched them all back to back when I should have been doing more productive things that get me paid, but man. There was no way to stop this freight train, not when then episodes were just sitting there, waiting for me. I'm glad I waited until they were all done; I might have gone ballistic and killed people otherwise.

So here's what we've got. Sarah found a lump, and fearing it was the cancer she's fated to have, went to the doctor and found that it was a tracking device. Which sent people after her, which she had to kill. Around this time, she contacts Charlie and tells him that she thinks it's cancer and gets him to take care of John, planning on ditching him to spare him. Charlie's in a bad emotional place, but he loves John like a son and agrees. But the people in grey come to his house while Sarah's getting beat up, and John gets away, but Charlie doesn't. Damnit, I liked Charlie.

Meanwhile, Derek is cleaning out the weapons locker with Cameron, and she mentions that Jesse had been pregnant and now wasn't, and that since he lost a child, he won't allow the same to happen to Sarah. As if he would before-- except that his secret affair with the lunatic almost did get John killed, and did get Reiley killed. 

John Henry gets hacked and wakes up aware of what it feels like to die-- and aware that the virus that got him has the same base code as he does: Skynet, as far as I can tell. 

Those same people in grey were after Savannah Weaver, which means I was right, and she was around for a reason. John Henry helps her (until the headset goes out of range) when a terminator and a bunch of non-terminators break into her house and kill her nanny. John, Sarah and Derek take over from that point on, and get her away to safety. Derek gets killed in about the most offhand way-- a bullet through the forehead as he's coming around a corner. Damnit again. Savannah thinks they came because she was talking to John Henry, who her teacher interpreted as an internet pedophile; John tries to convence her that's not it and they find out about John Henry.

Sarah wants to meet Weaver. They set up a return of Savannah in exchange for a talk, but sarah gets captured by teh cops and thrown in jail instead. Ellis swears it wasn't him; they don't really say so, but I think it was the other FBI guy, who's brough in because kidnapping is a federal case, and looks shifty to me. While in jail, Sarah seems to have convinced her lawyer (who looks familiar, but I can't place) that it's all true, but she doesn't trust him and he can't help her; she insists that John's dead and sends a message with the priest from the episode where cameron went all glitchy to tell him to leave and never come back for her. John, of course, having just lost two father figures, isn't willing to lose his mother, too. They get fake papers through the Latina moll, who gets to talk this time, but they don't use them; they plan a breakin and free everyone, thereby causing a massive distraction to get Sarah out. Which works, but gets Cameron very damaged.

Back at Zeira Corp, things go to hell. Weaver thanks them for getting her daughter back, and then they start to talk about the Future, but a huge thing that looks all Skynet-y slams into the building and she reveals her true form to protect them. She insists that John Connor needs John Henry to effectively fight Skynet in the Future, and they all go down to the basement to save him-- and find Cameron without a chip and John-Henry gone through time. Weaver activates the bubble thing and they start to go, but Sarah stays. John won't leave Cameron and Weaver won't leave John Henry, and they pop up in a future where John hasn't led the rebellion (yet? or at all?), Derek and Keyle are still alive, and Allison isn't yet a Terminator. 

And then it's over, and I'm on the floor twitching because I'll probably never get to see what happens next! Bastards! Fox needs to check download numbers and hulu hits and all that and see that it's not really as poorly watched as they think, and give me at least one more season. There's too much left unsaid! 
- John seems to have realize how much he actually likes Cameron-- he goes through time to save her, for gods' sake, even though she probably gave up her chip voluntarily-- and he's lost everyone now. He's dropped into another alternate future where he wasn't there for 20 years, and all the people who died in the past are still alive because they never left, but it's got to be ten times worse than it was without them all saving the world along the way, right? 
- And who the hell is Weaver? We've been assuming that she's building Skynet, but now it seems she's building something to fight Skynet, but she's using Skynet's own techniques to do it? And she may have been asked to partner with Future!John, and declined, but came back in time to do the same thing anyway? 
- And will sixteen year old John stay in the future and start saving himself in the past so as to correct the timeline? Is that why we never saw Old!John? Because he isn't old? If so, there's something really odd, and maybe a little creepy about him and Allison / Cameron. He loves her already as a robot, so he buddies up with the real one, knowing the Ts will replace her, catches and reprograms her, and sends her back to make himself fall for her? As if the timeline wasn't f'ed up enough, now there's a branch where nothing ever changed it and it's all awful, and Young!John is there...

Man, I need another season. Here's waht I think: John would have found some vital information in the Future, and gone back to somewhere around the time when he left, maybe far enough back to stop Derek from getting killed so ingloriously, or to replace him with this other alternate Derek that didn't lose a brother and go batshit. Then he starts in earnest to build the Rebellion, since he knows more and doesn't have to depend so much on his Future self. One way or another, Cameron or Allison would  have come back (unless they're going with T3, in which case they need to convincingly replace her with Kate). Sarah would have gotten sick, but they'll find a way to cure her or to cyborgize her so that she can survive, because John needs his mom. She's his only constant. In the Future, he starts sending people back and in the Present, he works with Weaver to send people forward or to set up the means to fight more effectively or something.

There may be fanfic in here.

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